Happiness Incarnate

“Aham asmi sada bhami kada-chin-na-hum-apriyah”


The basic instinct of human being is to live and be happy. But the daily experience is that he is always into the groove of insecurity and sorrow. Insecurity because of attachment with Money and relationship with materialistic world. Have we met across any person who’s mind is full of joy and no pain. It cannot be, because person lives in bondage of Samsara. The moment he wakes up , mind is filled with thoughts of previous days work. Deep impressions of sorrow bubbles up every now and then. Bhagavan Buddha say’s ‘Sarvam Dhukam’.

Through out the day, mind is flooded with thoughts and gets tired. It’s very interesting that too many thoughts bring tiredness to the body. Human interact with surroundings and get attracted to material objects.

What happens when a person gets attracted to an object?
First of all to get attracted, there should be a sense of wanting or vacuum created in our self. Immediately a thought arises in the mind. Two things might happen based on the samskara. One he might ignore the thought and be a witness or get identified with the thought. When there is an identification, there is a sankalpam. A desire or Kama arises. Desire is registered in chit or memory with a wanting. Mind does a perfect job of bringing desire now and then to the consciousness in the form of wanting thought. This process is called chintanam. Here, wanting means expectation. Fear arises out of expectation which brings sorrow what if it is not achieved.

Having been attracted, now the poor fellow is in sorrow and works hard and what not to gain the object. Once he gets the object, he becomes happy and there is a joy of fulfillment. Unfortunately, this joy sustains for a maximum of minutes or hours and not more that that. Again, he starts searching for another material to become happy. This is called the process of becoming something. I don’t claim it is fault but it is
the power of MAYA. Like this, human runs behind materialistic pursuits and one day collapses leaving all his gatherings behind. What did he achieve in his life? What is he  upto?

Example: When a person does not like an object, It doesn’t mean that object is bad. It might be liked by others. hence happiness is not in the object that we perceive.

Having come to know that materialistic happiness is short lived, it is clear that happiness is not outside. If I am happiness incarnate, then why there is dukham in life? We have to understand the nature of mind and the sense organs. Mind and Sense organs together play a great trick, pulling us into the clutch of samsara.


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