Nature of Human Body

“When we say My Body and My Car, do we refer to the same Object identification”


General experience in human life is identification with body. It plays a major role in performing physical activity. When there is a thirst and hunger, person needs to perform an action to move his hand and catch hold of glass to fill water and drink.

Similarly for all actions, body becomes a source of necessity. This experience sustains right from the birth till death. Human experiences different phases of life. When he is born, a name is given to the body to identify himself and distinguish with other bodies. During early days of childhood, life is full of exploration and filling of experiences in memory.
He gains knowledge of surroundings and slowly starts identifying himself to be the body and surrounding things as objects perceived.

But, when we say my body and closely observe the experience, there is a division and a dipole is created. At one end ‘I’ as a subject and body as an object at other end. To say ‘my body’ there should be two entities. A known er and known. Obviously, we have to conclude that body is objectified and known. Here comes the conflict.

When we deeply enquire, body does not belong to us. This is a very big statement which is not accepted by all. The entire personality built on top of body concept gets shattered. Let’s enquire where the body has its existence…

Here are some of the experiences in all of us related to body

1. Growth is a natural activity.
2. Body organs function efficiently with out our knowledge.
3. Digestion is a continuous process, which happens efficiently.
4. Healing happens.
5. Hair turns to white and body starts degrading in old age.
6. Similar to a light bulb which fuses after certain period of usage, body dies after certain period of existence.

Here comes very important question, do we have control of any of the above activities. All we can do is just be the witness of the happenings in the body. This enquiry is enough for us to arrive at a conclusion that we are not body. But this does not end. Can we negate the body? no because we have a dependency. It is our very close entity provided by nature. We call this as ‘UPADHI’ in Sanskrit. The whole enquiry is to understand importance of body and its relation to us. It doesn’t mean that we should completely ignore body. What we really have to think about is how we can use this body as a medium to realize our self. It is an order by nature to associate with body. Body definitely has it’s place and we should take care of it by providing healthy food & medicine during illness.

Last but not the least, A healthy body is a must to transcend beyond it into subtle nature of self enquiry.

A Big Question arises, if I am not the body then to whom it belongs to and who am I.

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