Human Body – Pancha Bhoota

“Pancha Bhoota :- Prithvi, Apas, Tejo, Vaayu & Aakasha,five basic elements of Creation”


When we closely observe our body, we find that it is none other than combination of Pancha Bhoota. APAS(Water) constitutes 60% of body and remaining as PRITHVI (earth) in the form of flesh and bones. Tejo(energy) is stored in the body, generated by digestion of food (Jathar Aagni). Vaayu is vital for sustaining life. All the four are constituted within Aakasha(Space).

Body is bound by time and space. Based on law of nature, body undergoes six modifications. This is called ‘Shad Vikara’

Asti (existence), Jayate (birth), Vardhate (growth), Viparinamate (change), Apaksheeyate (decay), Vinashyate (death), are the six modifications or changes of the body.

When we say death, do we really mean body disappears. No, it just merges with Pancha Bootha again. Question arises,  what dies.

It is very important for a seeker to look at body as a grosser element and move forward into the subtle nature of ‘I’. Generally when we explore ‘I’, very generic anwser by maximum of us would be ‘I am a person’. What do you mean by a Person?

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