Avasta Triya Viveka

“Jaagrath Swapna Shushupti Avasta Triya Viveka”

There are three phases in every day life. They are Jaagrath(awaken), Swapna (dream), and Shushupti(deep sleep) avasta. In Jaagrath avasta, mind and sense organs are active and the person interacts with world through five sense organs namely ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose. Mind is active with thoughts and emotions.

In Swapna avasta or dreams, sense organs withdraw but mind still functions. In dream state, mind creates it’s own world based on vasanas of jaagrath(impressions on mind). For example, if the person had an exiting experience, it might be possible to repeat in the dream as well.

In Shuspthi avasta or deep sleep, mind withdraws and there is silence or peace. There is bliss and the person next day wakes up with a freshness.

In this process, body is rejuvenated and illness is cured. Prana shakti or life is present and body organ functions as per Nature’s Order.

Important Question to put here, how did we arrive at these three avasta? Though they are different, there should be some one who is witnessing these three avastas. This is called Turiya. The state transcends all the other three states and remains as witness. Due to this reason, the person says that he had a dream and woke up early in the morning with a fulfillment. It is not appropriate to say it is a state because there should be another state to witness this state. Hence it is not an avasta and cannot be defined in language because it is beyond the perception of mind and sense organs. It is a state of being.

Question: What about the person in each state? Are they same?



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