Body Mind Sense Complex and flimsy world

I remember an incident few years back when my colleague working with me in the same project had met with an accident and was hospitalized. He was under coma for two weeks with out any major wounds in his body. It was a mental shock, the mind withdrew and the personality was not there for a week. Later he became conscious and got discharged from the hospital. However he suffered eye sight and difficulty in speaking for few months and God bless he became normal.

I learnt a lesson from this incident that our life is precious and very flimsy as well. Then I started understanding the dynamics of life and our consciousness which lead to understanding of our four avastas. I realized that how important is sleep and why this activity is there.

Do we wake up or waking up happens?


We wake up due to our prarabdha karma which is part of our karana sharira (Causal Body). The prana shakthi (Life Source) that bounds our body and keeps it intact for a time period kicks in and wake up happens. The mind which is in the bijaa avasta or seed sprouts up and the person from the thread of memory or smruthi appears. That’s why when we wake up in the morning the mind is fresh and the flow of thoughts are less. There is ¬†a sense of ‘I’. However within no time the person comes back with the vasanas and starts performing actions.

Mr. XYZ is sleeping…is fundamentally wrong. Continue reading