It is left to us to choose next body

We perform physical actions through five organs of  actions(Karma-indriyam) consciously or unconsciously. Mind plays very important role like a director in the movie. Thoughts arise in the mind and intellect component (Buddi) as an observer is ready to analyse it. It may drop the thought or identify with it based on the previous experience registered in the memory (Samskara). If the experience was good (pleasure)/ bad(pain) it will identify. It will restrict the organs of actions not to perform an action or vice versa.


We interact with the world through five sense organs (Gyana-Indriya,) namely sound, touch, name & form, taste and smell. These five play vital role in our life. There is no option but to identify with these sense organs. It is so powerful that you will feel the pull / pressure to identify with it. The moment you see a laddu (sweet) your taste buds is activated and there is a pressure inside to fulfill it. It is so powerful that even big sages have been trapped in the play of sense organs (Maya). It is not correct to attempt something against sense organs. It is an order by nature to pull into samsara (world of pleasure / pain). As long as you are in samsara(Material World) you will bind to an upadi( Body) to experience the pleasure / pain.

Here we have to put important question, why am I attached to a body. As I know, I am knowing my body, it cannot be me. So why is that I have come to this world with this Sharira(Body). There is an order or law of karma. Based on your previous actions accumulated you deserve a body. PLEASE NOTE AND REMEMBER ALWAYS THAT GOD DOES NOT DECIDE YOUR NEXT BODY, IT IS YOU WHO WILL CHOOSE.

Law of Karma says that if you perform an action with an self intention, it is bound to bear a fruit in the form of papa / punya (Sin / virtues). If your actions are more sins, you will choose a body of creature where consciousness is less and more grosser like snakes, insects, lions, deer etc. Consciousness in animals is less and they are programmed to do few things in life. If your actions are more of virtues, you will be born into a family of a divine person. When there is no papa / punya you are liberated.

Having analysed the play of Maya, how can we cross this ocean of papa / punya?  It is possible only through Ishwara Anugraha(Mercy of God). In Sanathana dharma there is a complete vision of life. There are four ashramas mainly Brahmachari, Gruhasta, Vanaprastha and Sanyasi. In Brahmachari ashrama you focus on study and gain knowledge. In Gruhasta ashrama you marry and given cushion to have sex life and accumulate money but within limits. Illicit sex and illegal way of money making is restricted. In vanaprasta, you detach from material world and focus towards the path of journey towards liberation. In Sanyasi ashrama you completely renounce the world and just be.

Law of karma says as long as you are in this world trapped in the net of pleasure and pain, life (Birth & Death) is inevitable. You keep on attaining body in each life. But what kind of body you will choose is dependent on your actions that you perform now. In the old age if you are still focused on to enjoy material world, accumulate money, busy maintaining relationship with family and worried about sons and grand grand sons, rest assured you will keep on repeating life.

It becomes very important for us here and now to focus inward towards self realization and reduce focusing on material world to reach the goal of liberation. It is very very easy at the same time very very difficult to attain liberation.

Many think that they still have time to think about God and busy enjoying material life, it is wrong. It is good to quickly start turning towards devotional service irrespective of age and enquire about self.

Finally, please understand that life of a human is unique and highest of all the beings because he is only animal in the planet given option to self enquire and put question why. At the same time he is given free will to act unlike animals which perform actions based on a program or order. Is’t it very urgent to realize it and choose to be liberated!


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