Thought is a product of Memory

There are three states of consciousness in human experience. They are awaken, dream and deep sleep. In the awaken state, mind is active and interacts with the world through five sense organs namely sound,touch,names & forms,taste and smell. The Mind is series or flow of thoughts.


Let’s examine the thought process. When we interact with the world though five sense organs, the experience about the vishaya or the content is registered in the memory. This phenomena is called knowledge. While registering there is one more activity happening based on the samskara of the Doer. The doer puts this experience into like or dislike category. This is mere ignorance and cause for division. Likewise many incidents are registered in memory through out the awaken state. A bag of likes and dislikes are piled up. We carry the experiences of human mind that has evolved millions of years.

Thought is an after effect of experience. hence, thought can contain only experiences of past. If there is no memory there is no thought.

When the mind is occupied with thoughts it means, we are living in the past and completely ignoring the present or Now. Now is not a state it is being, even the present is also part of past as it comes from the thought. There is nothing called future. It is utter imagination when we think about future. Thinking about future means thinking about the results of past.

This is the real problem which every human has to realize. We are crushed between the burdens of past and anticipation of future forgetting the beauty of NOW. Living now is the real life.

If you put a question HOW or ask someone HOW?, it means again you are thrown into the past. One cannot explain Now. It is a sense of being, every one has to experience themselves. Language has its own limitation because it is also a product of thought.

Freedom or Joy means the witnessing awareness completely alert  and not identified with any of the thought. Here mind stops seeking. Please don’t think that you should have to control the thought. Movement of mind is part of nature and we have to accept it. But we have to practice to be alert from thoughts and don’t get identified with them. Thought perpetuates itself leading the man into deep sorrow and excitement.

Now a days in this Technology advanced world, Man is leading a miserable life becoming slaves of gadgets and consumerism. Every moment he is seeking pleasure. Seeking something means he is bored. The Smart phones have created a havoc. Man is busy gathering huge amount of content and filling garbage in his mind. This is a great threat to the world. Let’s try to leave aside some of them and focus on self and live in the present.

Real life example:- Now a days families are busy waiting for weekend. This it self is a sign of living in the past because they have an experience registered in the memory that weekend is meant for enjoying. Are they really enjoying? They go to restaurant for having junk and completely unhealthy food, watch a Movie promoting division and violence. Now a days many have got enough money to buy a car and go for riding. This long drive has become crazy in many of the countries. Do you think they are really enjoying it. No the moment they start seeking pleasure, it is accompanied with pain.  They go for long drives leading to painful stress to their back and some of them consume alcohol to get relieved from those pains, adding more serious injury to their health. These actions are the product of thought. Man should have perseverance which has been lost completely. On the roads, people fight with each other for petty reasons. A wise person would think twice before taking a decision or acting on the thought that has been conditioned to do repetitive work.

Real strength is to lead a simple life with out any thought about the future or past. Here we have to be careful to distinguish chronological time and psychological time. There is no harm in thinking about future when you are booking a ticket for traveling by train few days before.  But thinking what will happen to me after 5 years or I have to accumulate so and so money by next five years is a psychological thinking. This pattern has to be avoided.

Our Archaryas and great sages have advised to live a simple life, earn money which is sufficient to live and donate some part of your earnings to others.


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