Sense of doership binds you into Samsara

In the awaken state or Jaagrath avasta, we interact with the world through five sense organs. These are subtle in nature. For performing an action we need five organs of actions (karmendriyam) those of speech, hands, feet, excretion and reproduction. Karmendriyam are grosser in nature.

For an action to be performed, a thought has to raise in the mind and the Buddi(Intellect) has to filter it based on viveka(discrimination) and has to decide to go forward or withdraw. Prana shakthi or life force is very important for an action to  be performed, they are basically Prana, Apana, Vyana , Udana and Samana. These five vaayus(pancha prana) sustain life and keep the body in condition.

So it is very clear that just a Sankalpam or Thought is not enough but Upaadi or Body with prana shakthi (vital force) is required to perform an action. Generally human by ignorance thinks that he is doing that and this in this world. This ignorance bind him into cycles of birth and death. For lifting hand and performing an action he needs help from nature.

He thinks that he is bringing up the family, taking care of child and responsible for their future. This is the first mistake of sense of doership or ownership. He thinks that son or daughter was born to him, but the fact is that lot of things were involved in the birth of a baby. He is only nimitha matra (bridge). When a child is born it becomes  parents responsibility to bring it up and not take the sense of doership. Similary due to ignorance he falls into the trap of samasara assuming himself to be kartha(doer) of many actions. When he becomes kartha there is consequence or Phala (fruit of action). So motive behind the actions plays very important role in piling up of Sanchitha karma. Actions performed in this life will bear its fruit in next life as Agami karma. Prarabdha karma is the present fruits of previous actions.

When we observe the mind carefully, we think that thoughts arise by the will and you don’t have control of it.  Yes, you don’t have control of it but, there is a reason behind the thought. Prarabdha karma is the impeller of thoughts that arise in mind. A decision to be taken is based on this karma. When your previous life was full of punya (good deeds), you will have lot of sukha in this life in the form of taking wise decisions and the environment in favour of your actions.


So it is very important to carefully perform actions which does not end up in Phala. Lord Krishna insists on Karma Sanyasa. Meaning, fruitless action. How can this happen, yes perform action and leave the consequence to the Lord. Don’t perform an action expecting a result. Simple example, in your daily life you go to office and perform duties. The duty has to be performed with love and not as an attachment for the salary that you draw. The moment you think you are working for salary, all your actions are bound to bear a fruit.

Having said that, it is our duty to lead a simple life with out much complexities. Try to focus more on Satsang and pravachanams(spiritual discourse). By this all our actions are mostly towards serving God and hence our karmas are not bound. Knowledge or Gyana can only destroy the lifecycle of birth and death. The seed appears to be dormant but when put into earth will grow. Similarly just hata yoga and some practices to calm down the mind will not suffice because mind will be calm for certain period but the vasanas still remains. We have to roast the seed in the fire and now it is no more active. We have to remove all those vasanas by viveka and vairagya through Knowledge (upanishads)

Last but not the least, many of us think that vedanta is a separate stream and does not get well with the daily activities in our life. This is completely wrong and it should be understood that vedanta is way of life and should be interfaced with all our activities in life.



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