Sense of doership binds you into Samsara

In the awaken state or Jaagrath avasta, we interact with the world through five sense organs. These are subtle in nature. For performing an action we need five organs of actions (karmendriyam) those of speech, hands, feet, excretion and reproduction. Karmendriyam are grosser in nature.

For an action to be performed, a thought has to raise in the mind and the Buddi(Intellect) has to filter it based on viveka(discrimination) and has to decide to go forward or withdraw. Prana shakthi or life force is very important for an action to  be performed, they are basically Prana, Apana, Vyana , Udana and Samana. These five vaayus(pancha prana) sustain life and keep the body in condition.

So it is very clear that just a Sankalpam or Thought is not enough Continue reading