You are not in the World, in fact the World exists in You

The assumption that there is a world independent of you and you come into it by birth and go out of it by death is the essence of Ignorance. As long as you think that you are a body and the body is in the world, you cannot know the truth.


World is a combination of five senses

  1. Shabda (Sound)
  2. Sparsha (sense of touch)
  3. Rupa (forms and colours)
  4. Rasa (taste)
  5. Gandha (Smell)

There are five senses and five sense organs. When you wake up, sense organs starts functioning and you interact with the world. You accumulate sense impressions in Mind and categorize into like or dislike. Likewise in the course of time, mind is filled with impressions of likes and dislike. This bag of likes and dislikes is called Jagath (World).

How can this world exist independent of Me? and Outside me? World appears when you wake up and dissolve in sleep.

Here, we have to apply viveka(intellect), that which comes and goes in a time frame cannot be of true nature. World is created in you and by you. You means not body , mind or Ego; you are  the shinning awareness(Sat Chit Ananda). The image of the person, ego, thoughts and the body shine in the consciousness of which you are the source.

Suffering starts when you identify with the world and it’s pairs. A Person wants to seek divine but is pulled into samsara (world) by sense organs. A very famous quote from Katha Upanishad

parA~nci khAni vyatRRiNAt svayaM-bhUs tasmAt parA~N pashyati nA ‘ntar-Atman kashcid dhIraH pratyag AtmAnam aikShad AvRRitta-cakShur amRRitatvam icchan

[This world that happens in you has excavated outward holes, through which perception looks outside and does not see the self within. But someone brave, who longs for that which does not die, turns sight back in upon itself. And it is thus that self is seen, returned to self, to its own true reality.]

The world is pair of opposites…

  1. Like – Dislike
  2. Sukha – Dukha (pleasure – pain)
  3. Hot – Cold
  4. Tall – Short
  5. Good – Bad
  6. Big – small
  7. Day – Night

But pairs are not completely different of each other, for the pair to exist there should be a platform on which both has to appear. Hot and cold exist in temperature. Good weather and bad weather exist in the Space or Akasha. Happiness and sadness exists in Mind.

When the world is in you then what is that outside? Pancha Bhoota.

There is no likes or dislikes in Pancha Bhoota. We don’t get attracted by water, air, space, energy and earth. However, A Car made out of Pancha Bootha (Steel, Iron & Plastic) is a subject of like or dislike. Hence, likes and dislikes are only in the product of mind(Jeeva Srishti).

Hence,  you have created the world out of yourself and you can change it by changing yourself. To realize our true nature and to be happy we have to transcend world and abide in the true self.

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