‘I am’ is the only reality

‘I am’ is the first thought that raises when you wake up and remains constant. Remaining thoughts are based on experience and memory. ‘I am’ is difficult to explain through language. It is not an experience but feeling beyond experience.


Let’s see how it is.

A name is given to us by parents to identify with society. The reality of the name is confined within municipality birth certificate only. Lineage and Caste is attached by default as he is born in some family. He is made to believe that ‘I am Brahmana’, ‘I am Kshatriya’ etc.

In the school, he learns alphabets. The experience of child is different from adults. When an alphabet ‘A’ is shown to him, he sees lines in different angles. Continue reading


You are not in the World, in fact the World exists in You

The assumption that there is a world independent of you and you come into it by birth and go out of it by death is the essence of Ignorance. As long as you think that you are a body and the body is in the world, you cannot know the truth.


World is a combination of five senses

  1. Shabda (Sound)
  2. Sparsha (sense of touch)
  3. Rupa (forms and colours)
  4. Rasa (taste)
  5. Gandha (Smell)

There are five senses and five sense organs. When you wake up, sense organs starts functioning and you interact with the world. You accumulate sense impressions in Mind and categorize into like or dislike. Likewise in the course of time, mind is filled with impressions of likes and dislike. This bag of likes and dislikes is called Jagath (World).

How can this world exist independent of Me? and Outside me? World appears when you wake up and dissolve in sleep.

Here, we have to apply viveka(intellect), that which comes and goes in a time frame cannot be of true nature. World is created in you and by you. You means not body , mind or Ego; you are  the shinning awareness(Sat Chit Ananda). The image of the person, ego, thoughts and the body shine in the consciousness of which you are the source.

Suffering starts when you identify with the world Continue reading

Do we wake up or wake up happens

When we wake up in the morning, it is a general experience to say ‘I had a nice sleep last night’. The body is rejuvenated and there is a freshness in mind.


Here is what happens when we wake up. The mind in the dormant stage or biija avasta (Seed in Sanskrit) rises up. The first thought that arises from the mind is ‘I’ thought. This thought continues till it slips into sleep. After I thought, sense organs starts functioning. Sense of touch kicks in which associates ‘I’ with the body. Thoughts which created deep impressions start rising in mind and ‘I’ gets identified with those thoughts. In this process, slowly when you see your wife, a thought that I am husband appears, like wise a person is created from the thought.

During initial hours of wake up, mind is calm and there is a experience of fulfillment or bliss. Mind is in the state of Satva Guna. Mahatma’s suggest to contemplate during these hours. Generally in the morning hours we prefer to meditate.

It is pure ignorance to say that ‘I woke up’ or ‘I slept’. By the law of karma one has to wake up to experience the world and suffer in it. Person identifies with the world(Jagath) and performs activities to satisfy himself(pleasure / pain). Continue reading